10 photos that will restore your faith in humanity

The world today is full of negativity and sad news. Pick any daily newspaper and you’ll see headlines about a tragedy happening somewhere in the world. The news of murder, robbery, rapes does not even shock people today as it has become so common. All these things can lead to a depressed life for anyone.

But still, there are many good things happening in our world. A little act of kindness by a random person can make our day. In this post, we are sharing such pictures with you which will restore your faith in humanity. Let’s learn from these people and start making an extra effort to make this world a beautiful place. Don’t forget to share with your friends.


1. This man rescuing a baby dolphin, by carrying it back to the deep water from shore.

faith restored in humanity
Source: Imgur

2. This Wendy’s employee helping out an old man.

wendy employee helps old man act of kindness
Source: Reddit

3. This note in front of a launderette

interview outfit clean free kind act
Source: cbslocal.com

 4. This kid, spreading happiness, one lemonade at a time.

free lemonade with smile
Source: peanutchuck.com

5. When this college student served as a human bench for this old lady in a lift.

serving as bench to old lady
Source: Imgur

6. And this image from Japan

crowd pushes train to rescue man
Source: Imgur

7. This gentleman

faith in humanity restored picture
Source: BuzzFeed

8. Everyone needs such neighbors, let’s start by becoming one

free mobile charge kind act
Source: huffingtonpost.com

9. A real biker

biker helping woman
Source: Imgur

10. And this young man being lifted by the crowd at a concert

wheelchair guy lifted in concert
Source: oddstuffmagazine

I’m sure, you will have a little smile on your face by now and filled with a positive feeling after going through these pictures. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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