Positive and negative effects of plastic

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Plastic is one of the most used material these days. It is being used in almost every industry. But along with its advantages, there are lot of disadvantages of plastic too. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative effects of plastic.

positive and negative effects of plastic

Increasing usage of plastic

In our daily life, plastic made a considerable impact and we are heavily dependent on plastic. Starting from daily usage utensils to decorative items all are coming in plastic. The usage of plastic is increasing day by day and researchers are also trying to develop more durable, less weight, strong plastic to meet today’s needs. The usage of plastic is increasing exponentially from the last century. Records showed that the amount of plastic made in the first 10 years of 21stcentury is equal to the amount of plastic made in the whole 20thcentury. Generally, Plastic is of two types i.e. high quality plastic and low quality plastic. High quality plastic is very strong and is generally used for making products like cabins, mobile and laptop cases etc. Low quality plastic is generally weak and is used for making utensils, vessels etc.

Positive impact of plastic

There are several advantages with plastic which can’t be compared with others. Plastic is highly durable material and it lasts longer. Another positive thing about plastic is its ease in converting to required shape. The weight of the plastic is very less and it is almost as strong as metals. You can convert plastic into the shape you required and they look equally beautiful like glass or other expensive materials. Unlike glass which has to be handled carefully, you can roughly use plastic materials. One more advantage of plastic is it is recyclable. The wear and tear of plastic parts is very less when compared to other materials available.

Negative impact of plastic

There are some negative things about plastic which has to be considered equally like advantages. Plastic items can’t tolerate high temperatures and releases harmful gases (at high temp.) which cause pollution. Plastic is not easily disposable and it will take thousands of years to completely dispose in soil. This result in other harmful things like blockage of water (resulting floods), death of animals, birds because of eating plastic etc. which are serious concerns of several environmental activists. Even the process of making plastic by industries releases heavy amounts of carbon dioxide.

There are so many advantages with plastic and it has to be used carefully and within the limitations to protect environment. Plastic is recyclable and hence instead of disposing it, everybody must take initiative to recycle so that the effect of plastic on environment will be less. Recycling of plastic not only helps environment but also gives you money. Several governments are making regulatory laws to regulate the use of plastic and several NGO’s from all over the world are trying to create awareness among people about plastic. Presently plastic accounts 10% of waste which is a serious concern of several environmental activists. It has to be reduced substantially for better future.


Finally, plastic is like a double edged sword and we must to use it carefully to avoid future complications and environmental problems. Even methods suggested by plastic companies like burying deep in the earth will also have its own implications on environment. So plastic companies and plastic users have to use it cautiously. Plastic must be used according to our needs but not for our luxuries.

What are your thoughts on the heavy use of plastic products in our everyday life? What could be done to save the environment from plastic pollution? What could be the alternative materials for plastic? Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments box below.

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