Pros and Cons of 3D TV

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November 16, 2013 Electronics No comments

The traditional CRT TV took more than three decades to reach poor and end users. The present LCD TV took more than a decade to become affordable. The advanced and the future technology is 3D TV and it is considered as a new phenomenon in the television making industry. There are several advantages with 3D TV when compared with the normal LCD or LED TV’s and here are the pros and cons of it.

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pros cons of 3D tv


  • 3D TV usually gives the feel of Movie Theater and you can experience the 3D movies at home according to your convenience. Not only movies, you can even enjoy sports, TV shows, video games etc. also in 3D.
  • Some 3D TVs are capable of converting normal 2D video into 3D. This enables you to enjoy all the programs that are coming on TV in 3D.
  • Every 3D TV is compatible with 2D video i.e. you can enjoy the 3D TV as normal TV that is usually present in every house.
  • Several electronic companies are focusing their production on large 3D TVs; which shows the potential of this segment in the near future.
  • If you want to experience the future technology (before it get accustomed to general public) and want to be considered as a person of advanced technology then 3D TV is must in your home.
  • Most of the 3D TVs are compatible with Ultra-HD videos and you can enjoy the real pleasure of viewing HD videos in 3D depth by using these TVs.


  • 3D TVs are still in the experimenting stage (though some companies released 3D models, more research has to be done on several issues of 3D TVs) and the price is quite high when compared with the normal LED or LCD TVs.
  • To view 3D pictures one must wear 3D glasses. Some may feel inconvenience in using these glasses and it is highly disturbing for a person who wants to see TV continuously for long time.
  • Most of the content present now is in 2D i.e. most of the TV shows, sport broadcasts etc. are done in 2D only.
  • To enjoy the real 3D experience along with 3D TV, one must buy 3D Blu-ray Disc player and 3D enabled Home Theater Receiver and other equipment to get perfect 3D audio and video output.
  • 3D TVs are huge in size. One can’t experience perfect 3D picture in small displays and to enjoy the real 3D experience the screen size (i.e the TV size) must be huge.
  • 3D videos require high bandwidth and new compression algorithms and/or new disc formats have to be created to reduce the cost of production of 3D videos.

Now a days, with the introduction digital and HD technology in TVs, the quality of picture and video got improved tremendously. The 3D TV is a relatively new phenomenon and it will take time to get into the practical use of general public. But anyone want to use the advanced gadgets before they are available to all and want to experience real 3D pleasure at home itself, then go for a big 3D TV from a reputed brand.

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