What is the salary of Ultrasound technician?

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Becoming an ultrasound technician takes hard work. Many are choosing it as their career, because there is good scope in it thanks to growing use of ultrasound technology. Before opting for this, you must be confused about what is salary of ultrasound technician, right? Well, this is common question to rise in one’s mind. You’ll find a satisfactory answer of it in this article.

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Of course, before diving into the salary figures part, I’d like to give you a small description of ultra technician’s job.

Job Description

The ultrasound technicians are specialized in operating the ultrasound equipment which is used to analyze the development of fetuses in womb. The ultrasound technicians get a handsome salary at the starting itself, and the progress time span is short too. As an ultrasound technician, your job is to perform sonographic exam, structural anatomy, create reports, produce images etc.

Average Salary of Ultrasound Technician

The average salary of an ultrasound technician is $65,499 in United States. $18 to $27 is hourly wage.

Salary of Ultrasound Technician in USA

About $77,203 is median early salary of ultrasound technicians. Last year, 75th percentile of technicians in USA received near around $71,626 and 25th percentile received $59,870. $54,747 is what 10 percentile ultrasound technicians in USA received.

$17 to $36 is hourly pay rate range for ultrasound technicians in USA. $36,200 to $77,000 total per annul is what ultrasound technicians in USA get.

Salary of Ultrasound Technician in Australia

As per Australian BLS, AU$64,900 is what is average salary for ultrasound technicians in Australia. AU$34 to AT$59.60 is hourly pay rate range. About AU$19,000 is yearly bonus. To cut long story short, we can say that in Australia, AU62,000 to AU 1,34,000 is total salary range for ultrasound technicians.

Salary of Ultrasound Technician in Canada

C$36,300 – C$80,000 is annual salary range for ultrasound technicians in Canada. c$18 – C$38 is hourly rate range. In short, C$36,000 – C$80,200 is the total salary range for ultrasound technicians in Canada.

Salary of Certified Ultrasound Technician

Average hourly rate range for certified ultrasound technician is $13 to $33. This particular range is for those working in US. There are many factors that play role in deciding total annual salary of certified ultrasound technician. Moreover, the figures may be totally different for other countries.

Final Words

The aforementioned salary figures may find an increment or decrement as the time passes. The salary an ultrasound technician gets, also depends on his/her experience. Yeah, the salary is good enough to give you a happy living. There is big scope in this field, so if you are thinking to be an ultrasound technician, then work hard to be it.

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