Samsung Refrigerator Problems

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September 29, 2013 Electronics 1 Comment

Refrigerators became compulsory need these days. Starting from metro cities to people in remote areas, everybody is using refrigerators and the sale of refrigerators is constantly going up. Even famous electronic companies like Sony, Whirlpool, L.G., Samsung etc. are focusing more on the home appliances segment which includes refrigerators, washing machines, A.C.’s etc. Though the principle behind working of any refrigerator is same, the operation and the interface may be different from one refrigerator to other. Samsung which had been making refrigerators from long time is constantly trying to attain the number one position in this market.

Samsung refrigerator problems

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Samsung is one the few companies where you can find the same model with different designs. Samsung takes special care while designing the outer portion of the refrigerator and constantly make changes in its designs, whereas most of the famous companies are still releasing their models in one or two colors. Samsung is known for its quality whatever the electronic equipment is and most of its customers are highly satisfied with their products.

There are some issues which are to be considered while buying the refrigerators and one must also have some basic knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of the refrigerators. Otherwise several unnecessary problems will rise and you will end up losing your valuable goods and even the entire refrigerator also.

Though most of the customers are satisfied with the Samsung refrigerators, the unsatisfied customers mostly complain about the poor build quality and over icing issues. These two are mainly due to the poor and/or bad usage of refrigerators. Each shelf has its own threshold value and the company intimates about the same to the customer through the manual at the time of buying itself. So, if anybody uses more than the capacity of the shelf, it will broke. Regarding the freezing of ice in shelves, whenever one opens the door of the ice making compartment, he/she must close it properly. If it does not happen then there is change of freezing of ice in several compartments.

These are some tips to avoid unnecessary accidents in refrigerators. Close the refrigerator door properly. Don’t use any sharp object (like knifes) to get rid off the ice that is present on the walls of the refrigerator. Problems like sensors not working, obstruction in the path of flow to dispenser, ice maker problems, strange sounds while refrigerator is on (other than sounds that occur while ice is getting saddled at the back side) etc. are generally seen as small issues. Don’t neglect them and call for repairs from a professional service. This will not only help in lasting your fridge longer but also helps in avoiding further complications like burning, inefficient cooling etc.

Samsung is famous for its refrigerators and it always occupies one of the top three positions (regarding market share and performance), so it is one of the best companies in the refrigerator market. Another most important thing that attracts refrigerator customers towards Samsung is its unique appeal. The artistic designs of Samsung are so nice and you can’t find them easily in any other refrigerator brands.

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