How to take screenshot on Alcatel phones?

The growing craze for smartphones has made many big names to dive in this industry. Alcatel has been entertaining people by its feature phones and high-end smartphones for many years. The company has got a huge range of devices that you can opt for. If you have got Alcatel made smartphone with you, then I would recommend you to continue reading this post, as I am going to teach the best possible ways to take screenshot on your much-loved device. Who knows you may feel the need of taking screenshot sooner or later? Knowing the methods to do it will be a big plus in your knowledge base.

screenshot alcatel android phone

Different methods of taking screenshot on Alcatel phones

There are different ways to take a screenshot on your Alcatel phone. So, use the one which suits your phone.

For Alcatel Phones Running Android 4.0 and Above

If you have Alcatel phone that runs Android 4.0 or any higher version of Android, then you will be pleased to know that things are damn easy for you. Taking screenshot requires you to follow the below steps.

  • Go to the whatever screen you want to capture.
  • When on it, press the Volume Down and Power buttons together. Keep them pressed for a second or two.
  • You will hear the sound of pic capturing. This ensures that the pic of the screen has been clicked successfully.
  • Go to the Gallery of your device to open the just-taken screenshot.

For (Non-Rooted) Alcatel Phones Running Android 2.3 and Below

If you are having old smartphone with you, then chances are high that the above method is not meant for you, as the Android 2.3 and below versions do not support it. No need to worry, as things can still be done. If you have non-rooted device with you, then there is app called No Root Screenshot It. Just head over to Google Play to download this app and to start taking screenshot. It’s paid app, so be ready to lighten your pocket.

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For Rooted Alcatel Phones Running Android 2.3 and Below

If you are interested in paying for the aforementioned app, then just root your Alcatel Android device. You can find out the method to do so easily on the web. For rooted devices, there are many apps to take screenshot. The best is app with name Screenshot. It’s free app, so download it and start taking screenshot right away.

For Alcatel Phones Running Firefox OS

screenshot alcatel firefox os phone

Firefox OS is in the competition too. Alcatel has got the smartphones that run this new mobile OS. If you have such a device with you, then below given are the steps you need to follow to take screenshot.

  • When on the intended screen, just press  home button and power button at the same time.
  • You will soon get notification regarding the successful capture of screen.
  • Go to the Gallery app to open this newly taken screenshot.

So, it was the list of methods to take screenshot on Alcatel phones. Just choose the method that suits you the most and implement it.


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