How To Take ScreenShot On Blackberry Z10

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Screenshots play a vital role (weather it may be a computer or a smart phone) and come handy in so many occasions. You may want to capture some messages of a thread, single page of a document, OS issues or weird things, high scores in games etc. Though there are several ways to take screenshots in blackberry phones, only some of them are quite popular and useful. Blackberry Z10 has a built in procedure to take screenshots.

take screenshot on Blackberry z10

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The first method is very simple and anybody can easily do it. This is by using the default procedure i.e. using the shortcut made by BlackBerry.


  • First select the screen you want to capture.
  • Press the two volume buttons i.e. both volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously and the screen shot will be automatically saved to your camera pictures folder.
  • You can even hear camera clicking sound and see the screen flashing while the screenshot is getting captured.
  • Open camera folder in the file manager of your blackberry mobile to see the captured screenshots which are saved.
  • Note that the image is not saved to the SD card and by default it will be saved in the phone memory.

The second method to take screenshots in the BlackBerry mobile is by using apps of blackberry phones. There are so many apps in blackberry store to take screen shots. Most of these apps are free and produces quick and efficient results. These apps will help you in capturing multiple screenshots at a time. Screen Shot, Screen Muncher, Screen Shooter, Capture It, Screen Capture etc. are some apps which are quite popular for taking screen shots on blackberry mobiles.

These two methods are quite popular and are used by several BlackBerry users to take screen shots. Screenshots play an important role and they will solve several problems. Screenshots will help in getting rid of the notes, to note information quickly, and to share and learn about troubleshooting problems, applications and technical issues etc. The best thing about screen shot is they are saved in the jpeg format and sharing of images is very easy.

If you want to capture images of your phone in your computer, download and install BlackBerry desktop manager. Connect your phone to PC with the help of USB and select and navigate mobile from PC. Select the screen you want to take screenshot, use softwares like snipping tool to capture the screenshot of yourZ10 mobile and remember to save it in the desired location. This method is rarely used because of its complexity.

Some of the BlackBerry Z10 users complain that this screenshot facility is provided considering the use of right hander. As both the buttons are on the left hand side of the phone, it is easy to use the two volume buttons simultaneously for right hander. But this is a simple problem and if any left hander faces sincere difficulty in using volume buttons simultaneously, he can go with apps option to take screenshots.

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