How to take screenshot on Lava phones?

By launching a range of cheap smartphones with impressive hardware and software part, the company Lava has earned a huge reputation in the Indian smartphone marketplace. The company’s customer base and profit has been following growing curve, and I am sure that many of you are also responsible to taking the curve to new height. If you are, then upgrade your knowledge by reading this article about how to take screenshot on Lava phones.

how to take screenshot on lava phones

Lava Phones Running Android 2.3 and Below

Just like any other company, the old smartphones of Lava run old version of Android. If you have Lava smartphone running Android 2.3 or below, then let me tell you that there is no built-in way to take screenshot. You can take screenshot only by using apps that you can get from Google Play. Depending on whether you have rooted Android OS, or non-rooted, different apps are recommended for you.

For those with non-rooted Android, the best app is No Root Screenshot It. You can buy this app from Google Play and can install it on your Lava phone in no time. Using this app is pretty easy, thanks to its intuitive user-interface.

If you are among a very few advanced Android users, and have rooted your Lava phone, then you have open yourself to using many apps available in the Google Play. In the Screenshot category, the best app for rooted Android device is Screenshot Ultimate. It’s feature-rich app available for free.

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Lava Phones Running Android 4.0 and Above

For the devices with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version or higher, the Physical Key method is the best to take screenshots.

  • After going to the screen that you want to capture, press the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time.
  • Once you hear the little capture sound and see notification in the notification bar, release the keys.
  • The screenshot has been taken successfully which you can check anytime by heading over to Gallery section of your Lava phone.

Lava Phones Running Windows Phone OS

Lava has got Windows Phone OS based smartphones too. They are pretty good and are loved by mostly those who are bored with Android or other mobile OS.

  • If you have Lava phone with Windows Phone 8 OS, then just press and hold the Power and Start buttons. The screenshot will get captured in no time.
  • If you have Lava phone with Windows Phone 8.1 OS, then simply press Power and Volume Up buttons to take screenshot.

Lava Phones Running Firefox OS

Lava has got the smartphones with young mobile OS, the Firefox OS. To take screenshot on device with this mobile OS, follow the below provided steps.

  • You just need to press and hold home button and power button at the same time to capture the desired screen.
  • The screenshots are saved automatically and you are notified about the same in real-time.
  • The screenshots can be found in the Gallery app.

For those who need any further assistance, comment box is boon. Use it!

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