How to take a screenshot on LG G Flex

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LG G flex is designed with new curved technology and it can withstand 40kgs of pressure while facing down i.e. you can keep it in your back pocket without cracking the mobile screen.  Innovative software techniques like multi screen window, multitasking, better glimpse of photos etc. are some of the most advanced features present in this phone. It got positive reviews from several users and it is the best eye-catching, stylish, delightfully large good looking smart phone with awesome features packed under the brand name of LG. The only disadvantage that seems to exist is the non-removable battery and LG compensated this with keeping mammoth 3500mAh battery. The phone comes with customized Android 4.2 Jellybean OS and unique interface. As the interface is new many users are facing problems for simple things like organizing memory, taking screenshots, clearing cache memory etc. This article will let you know about different methods to take screenshots in LG G Flex (One can do the same for taking screenshots on LG G2).

Android button combo method

There are three methods which are quite popular to take screenshots. The first one is android button combo. Like all the other android phones, the android screenshot combo works for this phone also. Press the volume down button and power button simultaneously. (For LG G Flex, these buttons are on backside of the mobile). You can hear a camera clicking sound and a notification slide appears. By sliding down the notification bar you can have a glimpse at the screenshot taken. These screenshots are automatically saved to your mobile phone memory. You can find the saved screenshots in the mobile image gallery.

How to screenshot LG G Flex

Quick Memo method

The second method involves usage of LG’s Quick memo Screenshot. When compared to the above method it is quite easy to access and quite easy to use. Unlike the previous method, you can take the required screenshot with one hand by using this. Open the LG’s QuickMemo application. You can record voice memos, search on Google, take screenshots etc. instantly with this application. After launching QuickMemo application, press the button which shows the screen and you can hear the click sound. If you are happy with result press continue and you are provided with some simple tweaking and editing options. After editing, you can manually save it to your desired location or you can tap on save button to save it in the default location.

Using apps for screenshot

The third method requires installation of apps from Google Play store. Install apps like Screencast, Screenshot IT etc, which are capable of taking decent screenshots. Most of these applications are free and you can download and install it to your phone without any glitches. Another striking feature of these apps is you can share the screenshots taken very easily on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Picasa etc. Some of these screenshot apps are giving custom resolution settings and editing options so that one can capture screenshots according to their wishes. Some of the screenshots apps are provided with automatic save option and in some apps you have to manually save the captured images.

These are the easiest methods to take screenshot on LG G Flex smartphone. You can try all of them and use the one which you liked the most. If you are having any issues while taking screenshot, post it in the comments box below and we’ll be there to help you.

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