How To Take Screenshot On Lumia 520

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Lumia 520 is a smart phone developed by Nokia with Windows OS. Coming in 4 inch screen and equipped with 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 512MB of RAM, it really increased the market base for windows mobiles. There are some doubts in mobile users like how to use Windows OS, apps, taking screenshots etc. as Windows Mobile OS is unfamiliar to many when compared to ios or android. Let’s see one by one and start with taking screenshots from Lumia 520. There are three ways to take screenshots of your mobile screen.

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How To Take Screenshot On Lumia 520

The first method is quite simple and anybody with little mobile knowledge also can easily do it. This feature is provided by Nokia itself along with OS.

  • First decide the screen you want to take as screenshot.
  • Press the start button and Power button simultaneously.
  • The start button is present in the bottom-middle of the screen (button with windows logo) and the power button is present at the right side of the phone.
  • You will see an animation of capturing screenshot and simultaneously hear camera clicking sound.
  • ·         Close the app and go to Photos > albums > Screenshots.
  • You can see the screenshot captured (which is automatically saved).

The second method involves capturing of mobile screen with the help of apps. There are several apps available for taking screenshots on mobile. Popular screenshot taking apps like “Screen Capture”, “Screenshot Mobile” etc. are easy to use and free to download. Download these apps and install them on to your mobile and you can enjoy capturing screenshots. Most of the screenshot apps available in windows store come with social network integration. So you won’t feel any discomfort while taking the screenshots of your facebook, twitter pages. Another advantage of installing apps for screenshots is they allow editing of captured screenshots to certain extent which is nice when compared with the first technique. But it may become uneasy as you need to go to screenshot app each time you want to take a screenshot. So, install the app use the method based on your requirement.

The third method is using PC to get your screenshot. Connect your Lumia 520 to PC, after installing Nokia PC Suite, which can be downloaded from Nokia website for free. Select and Navigate your phone through PC suite and with the help of indigenous windows methods like snipping tool or prt-sc capture the entire screen or part of the phone screen you want to capture and save it to the location you need. You need to copy the image to your mobile phone if you want to have the screenshot in your mobile. This method will be very useful when you want to take screenshots of your mobile in your PC.

Screenshots became quite popular for their compact and easy shareable nature. You can save anything starting from high scores to error messages on to your phone with just holding buttons. The captured screenshots can act as reference and become handy in dealing several problems relating to your phone. The last two methods are complex when compared with the first method and it is always a better choice to follow the indigenous methods as it is quite easy and comfortable.

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