How to take screenshot on MacBook Air

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The Apple gadgets are full of facilities which provide you the much needed ease in performing all the functions. The screenshot taking is one of them. The way to taking the screenshot in the MacBook Air is not as same as in a windows PC.

Though, it’d not very hard to practice the methods. Apart from that, the MacBook Air also has choice for taking the screenshot. There are 4-5 important methods to take a screenshot on MacBook Air. Here below are the ways.

how to screenshot on macbook air

Full Screenshot

As the name suggests, it is a method which allows you take the screenshot of whatever in live on your screen. The below is a one step procedure to do it.

Just Press Command(⌘)+Shift+3 in order to take a full screen shot of the live screen of your MacBook Air.

Once you’ve pressed the combination mentioned above, you’ll hear a shutter sound as confirmation and the screen shot will instantly appear on your screen as a PDF file.

Cropped Screenshot

If you need to take a screenshot of a selected window on your live screen, then this below method could be useful.

Use the combination of Command(⌘)+Shift+4 buttons and you’ll get an arrow shaped cursor on your screen. You can drag to the cursor to the part of the window you want to capture and just click it.

Again, you’ll hear a shutter sound and the screenshot will simultaneously appear on the screen as a PDF file.

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Precisely Cropped Screenshot

This method is best when you don’t have to take a screenshot of a large screen, but, a small icon or name only. This is using the same combination of the above method, but with an addition to it.

All you need to do is just pressing the Command(⌘)+Shift+4+Spacebar to perform this method. You’ll get an arrow again and this time you can crop the selected part of which you need a screen shot.

The shutter sound will confirm that your action has been done and the screenshot will appear on the screen as a PDF file.

Delay Screenshot

If you need to take a screenshot of a particular time, for example, you’re watching a video and at a particular instant you want a scene to get captured, then this method could do the deal for you.

Go to Applications>Utilities>Grab and after the ten seconds of clicking on the ‘grab’ option, your screenshot will be taken.

Final Words

The screenshot taking is quite an easy task for the PCs and laptops with the Windows OS installed on them, but, the Apple is again a step further with the other and has provided the options of taking the screenshots as you want them.

The windows gadgets don’t have the in-built delay option or precisely cropped option in them. Besides, Apple users can download the software like OnyX to capture the screenshots.

The software will give them access to save their screenshot in various file like .JPG, .PNG and more. They can also select a definite location to save their taken screenshot while using the software.

I hope that the above methods will be enough for the Apple users to take the screenshot on their MacBook Air.

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