How to Take Screenshot in Nexus 7

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Nexus 7 is the latest Google tablet produced under the joint partnership with Asus. It has been considered as the best Google tablet so far, and is offering a tough competition to the existing giants Apple and Samsung, ruling this segment. The beautiful tablet is much more cost friendly as compared to iPad, and runs on the latest Android Jelly Bean. The 7 inch full HD tablet offers a pixel density of 323 ppi, overshadowing any other tablet in the market. You can take above average photos with the 5MP shooter at the back, and the core android interface without any amendments or modifications is the most suitable for android fans. Most of the other smartphone manufacturers in the market often add their own bells and whistles to this operating system, which are loved by a few users, while some others think they just make the OS heavy, and complicated to use. Samsung has their own Touch Wiz, while HTC ships their device with HTC sense UI.

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A lot of times, it happens that you need to take the screenshot of some website, or any other app and you know your device supports this feature, but you simply are unaware on how to take the image. Each device has its own set of protocols to empower the user perform this user, and same is the case with Nexus 7. Whenever you take a screenshot in Nexus, it gets automatically saved in the gallery. Now to take the screenshot, follow these 3 steps:

How to Take Screenshot in Nexus 7

  1. Ensure that the image you want to capture is being displayed on the screen right now.
  2. Simply press the power button, and volume down button simultaneously to capture the screen.
  3. Once completed, you would see the screen of your device blink, with the confirmation of the shot, followed by a feeble sound, and vibration.

google nexus 7 screenshot

The screenshot would appear in your notification bar, from where you can simply drag it down to review. The image is saved automatically in your gallery to protect it from accidental deletion. Now you can even share your capture from the notification bar itself by touching the share icon corresponding to the image. The image is by default saved in the Screenshots album under gallery. Unlike other devices, where you may need to swipe your palm across the screen to capture it, this method is completely unique, and works perfectly. Taking screenshots on previous Android devices used to be a headache, as you needed to root the device, and then install some third party app to serve your purpose. The steps are almost same for Nexus 4 Smartphone, Nexus 10 tablet, and Nexus 7 tablet. With the advancements on the platform, Google is now shipping the screenshot feature as a part of the operating system itself. This saves much time, which was being wasted in searching for the exact apps, and used to be annoying as most of those apps usually added a kind of logo to the screens they captured.

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