How To Take Screenshot On Nokia Lumia 505

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Lumia 505 is a smart phone that is released by Nokia with windows mobile OS. This price of mobile is very less and mainly targets the low end mobile segment. Pricing less than 200$, it features 800MHz processor, 3.7 inch screen, 480*800 display, 8 MP Camera, 4GB inbuilt memory, 256MB RAM etc. The only disadvantage of this phone is it doesn’t support memory cards. This mobile is equipped with windows mobile OS v7.2 and people mostly raise doubts about taking screenshots on this phone. Unlike latest windows mobiles there are only two ways to take screenshots in this mobile.


nokia lumia 505 screenshot

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As Nokia started using shortcut to take screenshots from Windows 8 Mobile OS, it didn’t put any default method or shortcut to take screenshots in this mobile. So anyone has to depend on apps available in the windows store to take screenshots.

There are several apps in windows mobile store for free to take screenshots. Choose the ones that have most positive reviews and have high number of downloads. Tools like “Windows Phone Mango screenshot tool”, “Screen Capture”, “Screenshot Mobile” etc. are some the tools which are recommended for taking screenshots. If you are ready to pay for your screenshot tools, there are apps available which comes with social network integration, post editing techniques etc. In those apps you won’t find any difficulty in taking screenshots of your face-book, twitter pages from your phone. The post editing apps require high end processor and you can find some lag while using them. So for this phone it is better to go with screenshot taking apps those are free.

The third method is using the PC suite software of Nokia. This software is available for free and anyone can download it from Nokia website. Connect your phone to PC with the help of USB after installing PC suite. Open the PC Suite program and it will automatically detect the connected Lumia 505. Select the phone in that program and navigate it through the software. Select the screen you want to take as screenshot. In this method you can even take some part of your mobile screen also as screenshot. Using the tools that are present on your computer like snipping tool, print screen etc. take the screenshot of the connected mobile, with the help of installed PC Suite program. Save the image that is captured to your desired location on your computer hard disk. If you want to have that image in your mobile also then copy it to the mobile with the help of PC suite.

Screenshots are playing an important role now a days and several manufactures are creating default shortcuts to do that job. Though there is no shortcut present in this phone, it is quite easy to take screenshots with the help of 1st method and you can easily share the captured screenshot via different mediums like face book, twitter, drop-box, mail etc. You can use screenshot for different needs, starting from showing your highest score in games to your friends to registering complaints at customer care about your phone problems.

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