How To Take Screenshot On Nokia Lumia 810

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Lumia 810 is a new smart phone developed and manufactured by Nokia targeting the high and mid range segment of mobiles. Coming in bland, utilitarian (boxy) design, its outer appearance is unique and it features several advanced capabilities. It has 8MP carl-zeiss camera on its rear side, which is supported by dual flash. The hardware features include 4.3 inch clear capacitive touch screen, 1800mAh removable battery, SD card slot which supports up to 64GB micro cards, awesome speakers supported by top and bottom speaker grates, slightly rubberized plastic cover etc. The software features include Windows mobile OS, nice User Interface with metro style live titles etc. Mostly people ask about taking screenshots in windows mobiles while discussing Lumia series. There are three ways to take screenshots in this mobile. The first one uses the indigenous procedure developed by the manufacturer itself. The second method is using the apps that are developed for windows mobile OS.  The third method uses PC to capture screenshots.

Nokia lumia 810 screenshot

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1st Method:-

  • Select the screen that you want to capture.
  • Press the buttons, start button (Button with Microsoft Windows Logo) and the power button (present on the right side if your phone) simultaneously.
  • A nice animation will appear and camera clicking sound can be heard. This will confirm that the screenshot is captured.
  • Go to Photos > Albums > Screenshots; where you can find the screenshots captured.
  • Screenshots in this method are automatically saved.

2nd Method:- This method is based on the apps that are developed for Windows mobile OS. Apps like Screen Capture”, “Screenshot Mobile” etc. are designed and developed to make your work easier. Lot of mobile apps which are present in the windows app store can easily do this job. Most of the apps features advanced abilities like social network integration, desired resolution, snipping part of a screen, post image editing etc. It is always a better choice to install one good screenshot taking app as you can use it when you like.

The third method requires PC which is installed with Nokia PC Suite. Nokia PC suite is free software and it is available for download from Nokia’s website. Connect your phone to PC via USB and open PC Suite program. The Program automatically detects your Lumia 810 and you can navigate your phone through the PC Suite program. Now select the screen or part of the screen which you want to take screenshot and using the tools present like snipping tool, prt-sc etc. take the screenshot of your phone on your PC and save it in your computer. Please note that these images are only saved in computer and if you want them in mobile also, you have to copy them to your mobile, which can be easily done through PC suite program.

The first method is simple and the third one is most complex of above three. As screenshot culture is increasing tremendously in all electronic devices like computers, mobiles, tablets etc., it is important to know all the screenshot capturing methods as any method can become handy at particular time.


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