How to Take Screenshot on Oppo Smartphone

The smartphones are nowadays very much hot entity of the market. Everybody wants to use or using a smartphone just because of the service and facilities it has.

They can do anything like internet browsing, online shopping, bill payments, banking, document storage, image and video capture, remembering things for you and much more.

The smartphones are available in the market, according to the need of the user with very high next generation specs to low and just useable specs. These brands today are emphasizing on the need of the customer and Oppo is becoming one of them.

The Oppo smartphone created a buzz in the market when the first ever 360 degree rotating camera made available to them. The technology received a good response and become a hit.

Here below I’m discussing the methods to take the screenshots from your Oppo smartphone. I’m sure you must be wondering about the methods as taking the screenshots is one of the crucial tasks in the smartphone.

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how to take screenshot on oppo smartphones

Well, I guess that is no more the situation if you’re following the methods below.

General Method

All the android smartphones like Oppo has some common methods to take the screenshots. However, each smartphone has to check the methods and then apply which one is suitable for them. Here below are some of those.

One of the method which works on the most of the android smartphones is pressing and holding the power button with volume down button.

The thing which is most important while using this method to take the screenshot is you must press the combination button at the same time and hold them for about 2 seconds till you hear a sound of a click.

Once the screenshot has been taken, then you can save it in the gallery or discard it if the screenshot doesn’t meet your demands.

The second method of taking a screenshot is also involved pressing the combination button this time but a different one.

Most of the Samsung android smartphones use this method which involves pressing and holding the power and home together till you get the screenshot.

You can also do the same functions like saving or discarding the screenshot whatever you like.

The Apps

One other method which can be used to take the screenshot on the Oppo android smartphone is using the apps for it. There are many apps available at the Google Play store to do the needful for you.

Here below are some apps for example, which can be used to take the screenshot on your phone.

  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot Ultimate
  • Screenshot Free
  • Screenshot UX

Wrap Up

The screenshot taking has been made simple by the android OS with the apps they are providing on the Google Play store. You can use these apps with based on your need and available with both versions paid and free. The choice is yours.

If you know any other method of taking a screenshot on android phone which has not been listed above, then please let us know that in the comment section below.

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