How to Take a Screenshot on Panasonic Phones

The rise of the smartphone era has made our life easy like pointing your finger at anything and gets the work done. We’ve got a lot of options to select a device for us.

One of those companies is Panasonic, it has a wide range of android device with lots of apps, features, and functions are so helpful that we don’t have to even stand up from our couch to do the needful.

One of these features is taking a screen shot from our smart phones. The time is gone when we need to start our PC and navigate to a specific page to take the screen shots. We can do it on the phone now using some buttons, though it requires upgraded version of android.

Here are some essentials we need to take care of before getting the work done.

  • The android must be at least of 4.0 (Ice cream) or above then that.
  • If the device is rooted then it would be more beneficial, although, it is not required for higher versions android.
  • The device must be compatible with the functions need to be done for clicking the screen shot as it is not available for exactly every phone.

Now, if you’ve cleared the entire above thing then here are some methods below from which you can choose one to capture a screenshot on your phone.

But, all the below methods use different sets of buttons to capture the screen shots so it is very important to click buttons together at the right time or else the phone will shut off.

  • Press the ‘POWER’ button and ‘HOME’ buttons together the, wait for a second to get the notification appear of confirmation of the screen shot.

how to screenshot panasonic android phones

  • Press the ‘POWER’ and ‘VOLUME DOWN’ buttons together, hold them hardly for till the shutter sound or notification appears.

how to take screenshot on Panasonic phones

If both the above things are not working on your Panasonic phone despite having required android version, then you can find out an app on Google Play store like Screenshot Ultimate, Screenshot and Screenshot Free.

I personally find this method more effective than using in-build buttons as it gives me more control over to perform the required task.

The users which are using the very older version of the android like 2.3 or so, then they have to root their devices in order to perform this task and once they are done with rooting them, they can also capture screen shot irrespective of the fact that their device is capable of this or not.

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So guys, I guess all of you which are using a Panasonic smart phone and were wondering about how to take a screenshot from the phone are able to do it now.

If you’ve any other method of this or facing any problem in the execution of any of the above, please let us know here below in the comment section. We appreciate your thoughts and try to solve your issues.

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