How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Alpha

After tasting immense success with its previous high-end Galaxy devices, Samsung is all set to repeat the story with its upcoming Galaxy Alpha, which looks pretty similar to Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors about this smartphone have been going for many days and I’m sure you all are aware from it. This high-end smartphone has just got announced and those who have made the mind to own it, must keep reading ahead to learn the process to take screenshot on it.

In one’s daily use of smartphone, there could be several occasions when one may like to take screenshot. For that, you must keep yourself prepared. To be smart user of smart phone, you must know how to take screenshot on it. The next section covers the best ways to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone.

screenshot samsung galaxy alpha

Samsung Alpha screenshot guide

Physical Key Method

The Physical Key Method is the best way to take screenshot on currently launching Android devices. You don’t need any app, not any extra tool; just use of physical keys of your device. Below are the steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all, make sure you are on the screen that you want to capture.
  • When on the desired screen, press the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a short time, say 1-4 seconds.
  • After pressing the aforementioned buttons for a short while, you will hear the sound of regular camera capture. The screenshot has been taken successfully.
  • You can find the new screenshot in Gallery of your Galaxy Alpha smartphone.

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Use Palm Motion Feature

By enabling this incredible feature, you can take screenshot by swiping your palm on the screen of your Galaxy Alpha device. It’s yet another simple way to take screenshot. Here are the steps to enable this feature and to use it to take screenshot.

  • First of all, go to the Settings section of your Galaxy Alpha device.
  • In the My Device tab, look for the option that reads Motions and Gestures.
  • Make sure that the option Palm motion is set as On. If not, do it.
  • Now go to intended screen and swipe the display of your device with your palm. The screenshot will get taken in no time.
  • The screenshot is stored in Gallery of your device.

Use Apps

There are many apps that let you take screenshot on your Galaxy Alpha device in an easy way. ‘Screenshot’, ‘Ultimate Screenshot’ are the free screenshot taking apps that I’ve used myself and found them awesome in their work. Just download them on your Galaxy Alpha smartphone to start taking screenshot.

So, it was the list of best methods to take screenshot on your Galaxy Alpha smartphone. Do try them out yourself and start taking screenshot right away.


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