How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been doing pretty good on the sales chart since its launch. The smartphone has got huge customer base, and you might be one of them. During your regular use, you might have come across the situation when you needed to take screenshot on your Galaxy S5. If you’re still unaware about how to do so, then you are at right place. Below section covers the methods to take screenshot on Galaxy S5.

screenshot on samsung s5

Using the Physical Button Combination

You may get stunned on knowing that taking screenshot is mere a task of pressing combination of physical keys. All Android devices do come with this feature, but may differ in the physical keys to be used in the combination. In case of Galaxy S5, taking screenshot with the help of physical keys is the easiest method. Just follow the below given steps.

  •  First of all, head over to the screen that you want to capture.
  • Once on the intended screen, just press Power button and the Home button simultaneously. Pressing them for a few seconds will result in regular camera capture sound. That’s it. Screenshot has been captured.
  • Want to see the screenshot? You will find it in ‘My Files’ file browser or Gallery app.

Did not like the method for the one reason or other? Not likely to happen. Anyways, here is alternate method.

Alternate Method

All you need to do is to tilt hand up onto its side. Swiping it across the screen will result in the capturing of screenshot. Pretty easy, isn’t it? And yes, like the previous method, your screenshot will be there in My Files’ file browser or Gallery app.

Using Apps to Take Screenshot

Since it’s Android, so nothing surprising that there are apps in Play store for almost every task. There are various apps that let you take screenshot on Android with pretty ease. Below are the names of few.


This app with the name ‘Screenshot’ has worked pretty well for me. Nice and intuitive user interface and pretty impressive features make it the best app for taking screenshot on any Android device. You can easily crop the captured screenshot and can save it in Bmp, PNG or JPG format.

Screenshot Ultimate

Want to edit captured screenshot, draw on it, add text? Then this app is what is meant for you. You can create zip file of taken screenshots for easy transfer. Optional custom shutter sound and media scan are some other interesting features that this app comes with. Like the previous one, you can have it on your Galaxy S5 for free.

Just provided you the list of best and easiest methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5. If you need any further help, feel free to communicate with us using the below comment box.

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