Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies

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Cloud Computing: An Emerging Technology

Cloud Computing top 5

Today’s technology hiked all-over the world. Cloud computing became an upright model which defines maestro level of work. Present population is more inclined towards the powerful apps which they are using every day through their mobiles or tablets or any other handheld device. Now this new connection has overshadowed the old one where PC’s were working. As a result, techno companies are looking forward for the new sensation.  Increment in the cloud computing companies with latest innovations made a high platform for cloud computing work. This leads to the launch of many companies with different facilities to their client users. You can have a look of the top and latest companies for cloud computing. Deep down in the market, we can see that not only the known companies are doing well but the newly introduced companies are also making influential effect on the clients. The consequences of this effect makes other techno industries to work on cloud computing.

Google Apps

Google search engine stands very well in the market. Though there are many more services that are launched by Google with the cloud computation. It consists of business and consumer cloud apps such as Google Drive and Google Apps which holds the market to a great position. The success of these apps brings Google in the top list. Google cloud platform performs superbly with the fast data access and unlimited storage. Google being renowned name in technical industry, their work reflects the most. They are trying to make every possible technique for day-to-day life to better live and enjoy it.

World recognize there services in cloud computing. They spent millions of money to construct their product for the marketing cloud.  Several products of this company presents cloud facility to the sales or business, social networks, market monitoring. With the best features in-built in their clouds make them much technically high service provider. Salesforce chatter includes the enterprise social networking, service cloud for customer service and provides help and support.



Cloud computing has become a stepping stone for Microsoft company in the field of technology. It comes up with a big enterprise cloud name Azure. With the useful coded script azure provide Linux users on their cloud. Through this cloud, you can discover the applications which can run on private and public cloud both. It will save your time and more convenient to work on. Both public and private cloud has enormous facilities for storing files, networking, accessing files, and many more.



VCloud, the latest and the newest technology, which is covering almost every drawback of the previous cloud computing connections. On this cloud, many big companies are relying their skills like Verizon and CSC. The attractive price products make VMware a definite buying service or to carry all the business application on this system.


This is the top most Cloud performer among all. This was the first firm which introduce the IaaS (Infrastructure as service cloud) Market.  Amazon provides a lot of services such as simple storage services, relational database services, simple DB and much more. Their people launched their latest services by AWS which works for android, .net, php.

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