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After posting about best antivirus apps for Android recently, we are back with a new post. This time we’ll talk about the customization part. The android is well known for its customization features and apps. The customization part in the android is so vast that it could give your phone an iPhone look too.

Customization and the makeover of the android are very much depend upon the launchers you use for your android. There are plenty of launchers which can be used for the android phone to give it the look you like.

However, most of the people still prefer to use the old launchers like Go Launcher, Buzz Launcher and other, but, this is the time to get something from the latest technology which will surely differentiate your phone from the crowd.

Here below are some latest launchers which you can easily find on Google Play store to give you android a completely new look.

iOS 7 Launcher

ios 7 launcher for android

If you are a huge iPhone lover for the look only and like android for the functioning or using it because of money issues then this iOS 7 launcher could give you what you want.

This launcher is based on the theme of iOS and provides every menu option like apps list, widgets, home screen, pop down menus and everything other like that you’re using an iPhone.

If you’re worried about the performance and memory uses of your phone then just chill out guys as it doesn’t affect the performance by a single percent and uses the minimal memory.

Turbo Launcher

turbo launcher for android

The guys who are very much interested in changing the theme and look of their android phones every single day then this could be the right deal waiting for them.

The highly featured Turbo Launcher comes with customization under the topics like colorful themes, latest app drawers, mesmerizing icons style and much more. Beside this, the launcher has customization in small things like scroll, shortcuts and others which definitely will give your android a complete makeover.

Mini Launcher

mini kitkat ui launcher for android

The android’s KitKat version is very much in the demand these days. If your phone is in the list of the phone which can get updates to the android 4.4 then it’s your lucky, but, if not then try this latest KitKat based launcher for your phone.

Everything from the home screen to the app icon display, themes to menu options, opening of apps to closing of apps and other things are just like android 4.4 KitKat.

So if you’re not willing to update your android phone yet, or you don’t have that option, then you must try out this app for the exact looks on your android.

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Nova Launcher

nova launcher for android

The Nova launcher is a hit in this niche because of the options and looks it provides to your android. It has been an old companion to the above ones and thus holds the edge over other with the experience and understanding of the need of the users.

It has almost all the customization options which can give your phone a new look that will completely outplay all the usual old looks of the phone.

So, it’s a good package according to me which can be installed on your phone of you’re looking for a change.

SickSky Launcher

Sicksky launcher for android

The people who are fascinated by the classic black and white looks in their phone can try out this outstanding SickSky launcher to the exact looks. The highly neat and clean user interface with the touch of classic style is just stunning while active on your phone.

It also has all the options for further customization also which provides you the much needed makeover if don’t like something. But, trust me if you’ll use this launcher once, then the disapproving of any option won’t be an option for you.

So just go and try out if you’re looking for something extraordinary launcher for your phone.

Wrap up

I guess above are the best options for you if you’re looking to give your android a touch of your thinking or latest technology. The launcher like is her to give the perfect look of latest and retro look while the KitKat launcher is the option for the people who don’t have their phone listed on the update list.

Also, if you think that there could be some more options which I forgot to mention, then please let us know that in the comment section below for our readers.

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