Ways Of Bypassing The App Lock In Android Phones

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AppLock in Andriod Phones

AppLock in Andriod Phones

Most users of the Android operating system use the common pattern and password as the only security measure on their phones. However, some have realized that the pattern or password alone cannot guarantee them the level of security they want. Of this reason, they install the App Lock application to lock specific applications on their devices. This app is very useful in that it, in the case the owner loses their phone, they can be sure no one will use their phone without their permission.

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Sensitive Data

Say your phone has some important information that you need to keep secrets such as company information or other stuff. App Lock  is the go-to app for most people as it allows them to add a level of security that the phone does not offer on its own. You can lock any app you want on the phone. Lockscreen apps for android always provide this level of security which is better than the level of security offered by the Android operating system itself. The problem is that one might forget their password for this app.

Bypassing the App Lock in Android Phones:

If you find that you have forgotten the App Lock pattern, you need not worry since there are ways to circumvent that problem. Here, we will offer you the methods by which to circumvent the problem without causing a problem to your phone. Forget the methods that aim to circumvent App lock that base on rooting your Android device since that has the risk of making a brick out of your device. The two methods discussed here are both safe and will only allow you use the device without ever tampering with its settings.

Method 1

lockscreen app for Android

lockscreen app for Android

This method removing this lockscreen app for Android in the name of App Lock requires but a little step which is removing the app from the phone through uninstallation. If you forgot the App Lock pattern, you would use this method. The problem with this method is that it will first require to have the phone unlocked and some people turn on the Install/Uninstall feature in App Lock which makes it impossible to uninstall the app. Also, if you are using another person’s phone, they will notice their App Lock app is missing.

  • App Manager

With the phone which has the App Lock app, go to the settings app icon. It can be accessed in several ways. One way to access the settings of a phone is by pulling down the notification center from the top then choosing the settings in the corner of the notifications center. Another method can be finding the settings app from the list of the apps on the homescreen. Most phones with lockscreen apps for Android use this app like a normal app which can be accessed from various sections of the app. When in the settings, go the App Manager section and find the App Lock.

  • Uninstallation

Without the App Lock pattern, you will be barred from some important information on your phone. App Lock in Android phones is meant to work in this way, and it will benefit you from losing vital data. Also, if you want to sneak into someone’s phone, this method is the best. Having located the App Lock app in the App Manager, open it and simply uninstall it. It will be gone, and you will be able to use the apps that were previously locked from your access. If this method does not work, jump to the next on below.

Method 2

App Lock for Android

App Lock for Android

As one of the lockscreen apps for Android, App Lock for Android will harness the pattern that is used to unlock the phone. The App Lock pattern will allow you to access all the apps locked by this app. In the second method for bypassing this app, you will still need to navigate to the settings of the phone but, rather than going there to uninstall the whole app, you will be simply disabling it to allow you to access the apps it would have locked. This method is easier, safer and can be easily undone without a visit to the Play Store to download App Lock again.

  • Disabling App Lock

To disable the App Lock app, go to the settings and select the Apps section of it. Some phones have leveled this section as Applications, and it is the same thing. Go to the section with the downloaded apps and find the App Lock application. When you tap on it, you will see a screen with two tabs namely Force Stop and Uninstall. We are not installing it, so we Force Stop it. Neat, right? When you have stopped or disabled it, you can use any app on the phone without any restrictions.

  • Enabling App Lock

This second method allows you to use the phone the way you want without removing the App Lock app. It will mean that the owner of the phone does not know you used their phone and accessed their secrets. After you are done with your spying work, you want to leave the crime scene without any traces. So you simply go the app drawer and start the App Lock app and then move back to the homescreen. The only way you will be stopped in your Dick Tracy methods will be if the App Lock has been used to lock the Settings app.

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