5 Best Antivirus Android 2014

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The mobile security is very essential these days as the people use the smartphone for virtually every purpose. The apps like banking, online shopping and other money involving entities are on the radar of hackers every time.

The hacker sends some malware to your mobile or you may get it from the other means like USB access or data transfer via Bluetooth and that affects your phone very badly. So, to counter the issues an all round antivirus is very important.

The market has many antiviruses these days, but only few ones are fully capable of protecting your phone from the alien objects. Here is the list of 5 best android for this year, which you can use and trust completely for the utmost security.

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best antivirus apps for android 2014

Norton Antivirus

The Norton is known for the supreme class protection to the PCs. Now, it has started giving its services to the android also. The Norton is a kind of software which will ensure the blocking of any suspicious item on your phone.

Norton ensures that any web page you’re opening has a bug free certificate and everything you’re trying to download is absolutely from the genuine source with no malfunctions.

If the above cases don’t meet the criteria the Norton simply won’t allow anything on your phone. The only drawback it has is its price which is nearly US $35/ year.

Antivirus Mobile Security

I consider this antivirus as one of the most effective antivirus of all time. If you want this on your phone then you must pay almost US $100/year to access the features.

The feature list it has is endless but, some of them are backup, automatic definition update, web browser protection, anti-theft, privacy protector, traffic monitor and many more.

The feature this app has is more than any other app and is only for the users who completely rely on the smartphone of every work they do in their daily life. This is something very high in price and class so, if you think you meet the criteria this time then go only go for it.

360 Mobile Security

The 360 Mobile Security antivirus, has been just a people’s choice antivirus of all time with over 4 million downloads. The features like scanning and removing of malware on schedule time, privacy advisor, call block and a floating window just make this a good choice.

The free of cost availability also provides it a much needed edge over the apps in the same genre. The feature of scanning and removing a malware is very much effective and make this an ‘at least one time try’ antivirus for android.


If you’re looking for a complete package for your android phone, then this deal could be the last one for you. The Lookout provides the total scanning feature for non-relative elements in the phone.

It also has features like track stolen phone, backup and minimal battery usage support the fact that it is a best antivirus available in the market. It doesn’t charge anything so anybody can give it a try if they want.

Dr. Web

The virus disease has been getting cure effectively for a long time with the free and paid version of this antivirus known as Dr. Web. The free version has only the basic function of antivirus and scanning of unsocial elements.

The battery lovers, less specs android and small data plan users are the best buyers for the free version. While, on the other hand the paid version provides the features like anti-theft and spyware protection for those who can pay a high one time amount of US $75 to save their back accounts which have more money than the price.

Wrap Up

The antivirus has been the topic of debate since the origin time of android and its further improvement. The android actually rule over the 75% of the smartphones available in the market, which also make it hot property for the hackers.

Over the time, the developers have tried very hard to overcome the security hole in the android and finally some good options are available in the market which can actually protect almost 100%.

Though, the price is an issue for the real performers, but, if you have low spec phones then you can try out the other options as well which are mentioned above.

If you have any other antivirus on your mind which should have been here then, let us know that in the comment section below.

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