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March 4, 2014 Apps Tips 3 Comments

Since the smartphones make their presence feel in the daily life often, the apps they provide are making their mark as well.

The most important of all the apps which have received the warmest welcome is gaming. Many games like angry bird, asphalt racing and others were liked by people very much. These days a game called ‘clash of clans’ is on the tongue of everyone.

This game involves framing, construction, protection, battle, raiding and much more to keep the users busy for long hours. But, sometimes the players need many more tips and tricks to stand out from the pool of players. So here are some tips and cheats which can be useful for you while playing the clash of clans.

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clash of clans cheats and tricks

Let’s discuss the tips first.

Construct Your Wall Strong

As the game is very much focused on the battle between two different clans so one has to build the fort with the utmost protection. The boundary wall is the most important about it.

You’ll get the wooden wall at the very first stage of the game, but that is not suitable enough to protect you from the attack. Try to update your wall to the level 3 or 4 as soon as possible and don’t even leave a single lose opening which can ease the entry of attackers in your fort.

The Multiplayer Battle Focus

While you’re the part of multiplayer raid then try to loot as much as can with the depending what you need the most. The below things are available for the loot while you’re in such condition.

  • 100% Town Hall items.
  • 75% of elixir available in the dark elixir drills.
  • 50% of items stored in gold/elixir collectors.
  • 5% of dark elixir available in the dark elixir storage.

Now, I guess you can make a sound strategy to enrich your treasure while on a multiplayer loot.

Use the Shield Time

If you’re left vulnerable for the others as well after the attack on your wall, then just shield up and think about the future strategy. The shield time is normally up to 12 hours, which can be extended by 4 more hours if you’re in a very grim situation.

During the shield time just try to improve your economy, use your resources well, build your town again and emphasize of sound protection instead of just going out and battle again without anything.

You can use the shield time like an opportunity for you which can make you almost unbeatable in the next clash and let your opponent shocked.

Now, as you’ve learnt some tips, it’s time to use some cheats. The cheats can provide you the unlimited access to the gems, elixirs and gold.

Clash of clans cheat codes will be available pretty soon. Watch out this space often for updates.

Wrap Up

I guess now all the players got enough cheats and tips to make their fort almost unconquerable of any attacks.

If you’ve any more tips and cheats except above, then please share that with us in the comment section below.

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