How to connect Kindle HDX to TV

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Amazon Kindle devices have won hearts of many so far, thanks to mind-blowing features they offer. Kindle Fire HDX is must have device for most out of you. If you already have it, then I don’t think I need to throw any word to explain the usefulness of it. While you must have tried out its most of features, but you might not have tried connecting it to TV, have you? Yes, this is actually possible. You can mirror the content of Kindle HDX on the screen of your TV. And the best thing is, you don’t need to dive into any world of complexity to make it happen. Just a simple method and that’s it. Explaining that simple method in simplest possible way in the next section.

connect Kindle Fire HDX with tv

Connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV

Before going ahead, do fulfill the list of things you need.

Things You Need

  • Obviously, an HDTV and Kindle HDX are what you must have with you.
  • HDMI to HDMI cable and Miracast-enabled accessory are other hardware things you need to have. You might already know that Kindle HDX does not come with any HDMI port. This is the only reason why we need Miracast-enabled accessory. Moreover, standard HDMI connector must be there on the ends of HDMI cable you have.
  • Working Internet connection is required. Faster the better for the sake of performance.

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Steps to Connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV

  • First of all, on the Push2TV accessory, look for the port that has ‘Power’ as its label. When you get it, simply plug the Micro USB into it. In the port with the label ‘HDMI’, connect one end of HDMI cable.
  • Connect the end of USB cable to the power adapter. Pretty straight thing to understand! Power is required here, so plug the power adapter to any power source.
  • Connect the free end of HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your HDTV.
  • Connecting Push2TV to power source will turn it on in no time.
  • Start your HDTV now. Make sure the input is HDMI. For this, you need to press the Source button on remote and then to select the type of input you want to set, which is of course, HDMI in our case. Note that the process of setting source may be different for you. You need to figure it out yourself. Not any big task, so cheer up!
  • If you see “Ready for connection” message on screen, then Bravo! Everything has gone right so far.
  • In your Kindle HDX device, you need to move to Quick Settings >> Settings >> Display & Sounds >> Display Mirroring. Select this option to make your Kindle HDX search for the Push2TV. Tapping on the option that comes up after search will start the connection setup.
  • Now you will see ‘Connecting to wireless display device’ message on screen. Wait for a few minutes for the connection to finish.
  • Once the connection is all set, you will see the content of your Kindle HDX’s on your HDTV.

That’s it. You have successfully learned how to connect Kindle HDX device to TV.


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