DW360 MTK2502 smartwatch with heart rate sensor

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September 24, 2015 Electronics No comments

DW360 MTK2502 is a brand new smartwatch which you can use with your Android and iOS devices. Most of the smart watches which are getting launched these days come with good hardware. DW360 is one of the few available smart watches which not only comes with good hardware, features but also a great design. The smartwatch comes with round design which looks good when put on the wrist. You can access all the functions of your Android or iOS device on the DW360 smartwatch by connecting them using Bluetooth.

DW360-MTK2502-SmartwatchDW360 MTK2502 Smartwatch

There are many nice features which come with the DW360 smartwatch. Sensors are not only limited to mobile phones, as DW360 smart watch also comes with a few sensors. Want to check time on the smartwatch but the screen is black? Just raise your hand and the sensors will work and will light the screen up. There is no need of tapping on the screen of pressing any button to wake up the screen.

If you are into exercising and like to work out you need to keep a check of your heart rate from time to time. If the heart rate surpasses the average limit then things might turn ugly. With DW360 smart watch you don’t have to worry about the heart rate as the smart watch is having a heart rate monitor which helps in monitoring the rate of your heart. Along with heart rate monitor, pedometer, seep reminder and sedentariness reminder are some health features which you will get in this smartwatch.

It is very important that one leads a happy and healthy lifestyle. The sleep monitor analyzes your daily sleep timings and will tell you your sleep hours and when you should go to sleep. You will get notifications on your smart watch when the time comes to shut off the lights. Pedometer will help you in counting the steps which you take while travelling. This will help you in staying fit. DW360 is not any other smart watch as you get the features of a fitness band in this smart watch too.

One of the best features of this smart watch is that all the notifications which you receive on your Android or iOS device will get displayed on the smart watch. The next time you get a message on Facebook, you can check it from your smart watch only. The need of taking the mobile out of your pocket is gone now with DW360 smartwatch.

There is a 220 mAh battery present in this smart watch which will deliver a stand by time of 4 – 5 days. Charging can be done using the micro USB cable, so you can use USB cable or the charger of your mobile phone.

Black, golden and silver are the three colors in which DW360 smartwatch is available. The smart watch is available for $58.07 on GearBest. Add DW360 in the coupon code area during checkout and you will get this smart watch for $52.99 only.

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