Importance Of Media

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Media is considered as the fourth estate of any society (after legislature, executive and judiciary). Whatever the country may be, media plays an important and influential role on its society. Media is diversified now a days and everything starting from politics to religious meetings are covered by media. Print media was playing a crucial and important role from the early days, but now a day’s media includes newspapers, radios, T.V. channels, some websites and many more.

importance of media

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Importance of Media:-

  • Starting from politicians to religious persons; everybody is trying to maintain media friendly relations. This itself shows the capacity of media these days.
  • Media plays an important role in anybody’s life. Information, education, news, sports, entertainment, advertisements etc. became an integral part of media and media is the only source to know more about anything.
  • Media in the olden days was considered as political “watch dog” i.e. it used to tell people about the things that are absolutely necessary for the wellness of people.
  • Media is playing an important role in the globalized world. It is the only tool that can help to reduce the gaps between different communities and capable of making this world into a unified society.
  • Though media became mostly commercialized these days, it is the only force that can restore the peace and safe living in any nation and even in the world.
  • The base of media is increased these days and even masses are also given access to media. So it helps them in cope up with the outside society.
  • Media is so varied and diversified these days and media groups targeting specific sector also evolved.
  • If media stops concentrating on necessary issues and gives it preference to nation building and other important programs then it will the most admired sector by the people as well as by the politicians, bureaucrats, ambassadors and different religious speakers etc.
  • Internet is also come into the picture of media these days as several websites mainly concentrating on flash news and breaking news are evolved. But one must also note that media need not necessarily about news always.
  • Educating and generating awareness about social issues in public also considered as an integral part of media. Readers, listeners, viewers etc. are the main targets for media.

Instead of constructive influence, media now a days are concentrating on TRP ratings, scandals, personal life of celebrities etc. Though most part of the media is fair in their opinion, some part of the media is controlled or influenced by the people, who run media for their personal benefits. If media comes out from the profit oriented mechanism, then we can expect even much better and much neutral news from media.

The most important feature of media is its ability to share opinions. Public can directly interact with media and they can share, express their views, can notify their problems to officials and they can even condemn the decisions that are made against their wishes. Thus media act as a bridge between government and public and ensure better and people friendly government. It even conducts regular polls about the performance of the government and appeals government to change its anti-citizen policies whenever necessary.

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