How to install android games on PC

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September 2, 2013 Apps No comments

Android the one of the fastest growing operating system in the world usually found in handsets, tablets etc. This is basically a Linux based operating system which was made for high end screen touch mobiles, smartphones. It’s a Google based system which act as an open source. Open source means that the software can be designed, modified, shared freely. There are many reasons which have made android the world’s most used mobile platforms, some of the important reasons are customized in nature, affordable, easily availability of high tech applications with very light weight. An estimated numbers of applications found on Google play are said to be more than 800,000. Android operating system in handset provide a multiple options to the users like view and download of music, games, pictures, wallpapers, security application, wallpapers, videos etc. It has been said that almost 72% of mobile using populations used android platform on their respective handsets.

How to install android games on PC

As the android market is growing so there is a sudden increase in demand of using android application of pc’s and laptops. A majority of users want to play or install android games on PC. There are applications available in the market with the help of which android games can be easily be installed and played from PC. One of the kinds of software is Blue Stacks. Below mention are the steps which need to be followed

  • First download and install Blue Stacks on PC’s. First time installations of the components and database take little time. Installation also depends on speed of the internet connection.
  • Secondly Bluestacks application needs to set properly. For which user has to go to my apps and select the application search.
  • After selection of application search the app will ask to complete few steps. This is a one-time setup which needs to be done for proper installation.
  • From next time the application will ask user to enter the login details of Google account (Important Note; If account password is in capital letter then user need to enter the password using virtual keyword)
  • Post completion of one time setup now user has to look after the application or games which need to be downloaded on PC.
  • As user will click on install it will start searching the play store and while clicking on the favorite game icon the downloading or installation of game will start.
  • After successful installation of the application user has to go back to My Apps and there it will show the application/games which has been installed or downloaded.
  • Clicking on the application the app will start and user can play the game on his/her personal computer using keyboard and mouse

Post installation of Bluestack application the setting for the app can easily be customized depending on the need. User can Change keyboard setting, Contacts, Applications, Design etc. A user just need to click on gear icon found at the bottom to open the setting for bluestack apps. Where all the above mention detailing and many more things can easily be done

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