iOS 8 Features and Release Date

Every Apple fan is eagerly waiting for iOS 8. The curiosity is not finding any drop, and I believe, it won’t happen so until the iOS 8 gets released. Apple is doing its best to make iOS 8 a big hit. Fourth version of iOS 8 beta was released a few days ago. It was rolled out over-the-air. It comes with number of new features along with improvements in many previous features.

There is new app called ‘Tips’ in iOS 8 beta 4. This app will be used by Apple to send tips to users about how to get most out of their iOS device. It’s not known for now if the tips will be delivered via push notifications or users will need to open the app manually. Anyway, the concept of app seems pretty cool, right?

Whether or not you should wait for iOS 8 release is the question of time. The satisfactory answer can come only if you know all about this OS. For this, do read out this article ahead.

ios 8 release date features

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iOS 8 Features

 Split Screen Multitasking 

Apple iPad is fun, no doubt! But, just think about the fun level if you get the ability to view two apps at once. This is actually going to happen with iOS 8.

As per an iOS developer Steve Troughton Smith, he has discovered mysterious code in iOS 8. From that code, it’s believed by him that Apple is bringing the multitasking feature for iPad with iOS 8. If this feature actually comes, it will be a big boon for all iPad users out of you.

As per that developer, with that code, apps get the ability to cover just half of screen, or even single quarter or three quarters. Users will be able to move the content like text, pics etc from one app to another by simple dragging.

Customisable Control Center?

Control Center, which gave a new way to users to on and off the basic features, was introduced in iOS 7. This feature was welcomed by everyone with pleased mind, but unfortunately, it did not include the customization feature.

As per the rumors, Apple is working on customisable Control Center. The company is beware of outrage that happened for not providing customization ability in iOS 7’s control center. Hamza Sood, an iOS developer, discovered the code which shows that Apple will bring customisable Control Center in iOS 8.

Apple has not confirmed this feature so far, but it doesn’t really matter. Why? Well, as per multiple reports, the feature is in making for now. It will directly land in the final release of iOS 8. So, ‘no announcement’ is likely to continue.

Support for Third-Party Keyboards

Don’t like Apple’s own keyboard feature for one reason or another? Using it forcefully so far? You don’t need to do it anymore, as in iOS 8, there is support for third-party keyboard apps. Apple has taken a long time in bringing this feature. Company seems to be following the popular saying – It’s better later than Never.

In iOS 8, you will be able to download third-party keyboard apps. So, new ‘comfortable’ typing experience is assured in iOS 8.

 Improvements in Apple Maps Feature

Apple Maps failed badly last time. It was rejected by all users with immense disappointment. Now, Apple is working to win the hearts, and to make to happen, it’s likely to bring new features in its Maps app.

One big feature that is going to be part of Maps app is the ability to let you find your cars.

The new Maps app will also come with number of new labels in it, so as to make it easy for you to find hotels, ATMs, cinemas etc around you.

Combination of best of CitiMapper and Google Maps will be there in new Apple Maps app, as it will let users to plan their journeys on public transport. As per tech analysts, Apple is not only working on its own, but is also taking clues from popular Maps apps to decide what more ‘good’ to bring in its Maps app to win hearts of users.

If you followed WWDC 2014, you must already know that Apple did not talk about any of the aforementioned feature there. Why? Here is the Tech Crunch’s report on why part:

“Many developers left the company, no map improvements planned for iOS 8 release were finished in time. Mostly it was failure of project managers and engineering project managers, tasks were very badly planned, developers had to switch multiple times from project to project.” 

Camera Features

Apple’s work in camera part of its most recent releases was applauded by everyone. Seems, company is going to grab praises again. As per the rumors, iOS 8 will come up with plenty of camera features.

Time Lapse is one feature that users will get in iOS 8. With it, users will be able to capture the screen for over a set period of time. If the rumors are to be trusted, then this feature is going to be major hit for sure.

Since APIs have been opened finally, so you will be able to use filters and effects taken from any third-party app, in your pics.


Healthkit is one of the most interesting and eye-catching feature that you get in iOS 8. It tracks activity of all day and sends the data to app called Health. This native app displays the activity and other certain metrics in an attractive manner.

Units and Quantities are used by HealthKit API to monitor activity in effective manner. It also tracks things like age, weight. It can easily track the distance covered by user, can also measure the blood pressure. Along with these features, we expect to see lot more in this particular section in iOS 8.

Improvements in Siri

Siri is likely to get many improvements in iOS 8. As per the multiple reports, Apple is working to make Siri support more commands. Integrated Shazam song recognition feature is a major one to be part of iOS 8’s Siri app.

Touch ID

Touch ID is a feature that we all would like to use. With it, we will get the power to make payments for online purchases, services via iPhone directly. This is a boon feature for both buyers as well as sellers.


Craig Federighi’s words about this are:

“Once you’ve set up your family as a unit, you automatically share photos, calendars, reminders, or find my friends.” In the home we’re used to sharing physical media, but increasingly our media is in our devices. Now you can get at not just your purchases, but the purchases of everyone in your family.”

Along with the file sharing. photo sharing has been improved too.

“Now we’re bringing together photos with iCloud — every photo you take available on all your devices.”

Apps & Widgets

Extensibility is a new development tool with which the apps can extend their services easily to other apps. App extensions created by the developers lie in “app sandboxes”, which is like a house for apps to interact with each other.

‘Widgets’ is yet another big what you will see in iOS 8. The widgets lie in the notification center. Widgets can interact with the app easily and can enrich notification center with real-time data for you.

iOS 8 Release Date 

As per Apple, iOS 8 will be available to users in the coming Fall, or Autumn. iPhone 6 is likely to be the first device with this latest OS. We’re as curious as you.


If all aforementioned features actually come in iOS 8, then surely it’s going to be big hit. Of course, we will get to know more about it in the days to come. The coming days will give a clear pic about what could be there in iOS 8. We’ll keep you posted.

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