iPhone 5S Problems

Apple released its much awaited iPhone 5S recently along with iPhone 5C. Apple users are satisfied with features and hardware present in iPhone 5S. Apple stick to its basic formula of optimizing the phone hardware with sophisticated software and it once again proved worthy. Apple outlets sold all the available 5S pieces within hours after its release. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook also admitted the shortages of 5S and said that “We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone”. Though most of the customers are satisfied with the iPhone 5S some people complain about the following issues.

iPhone 5S Problems:

The home button acting as a fingerprint scanner in 5S is the best feature in the smart phones so far. The working of sensor is awesome and far better than several dumb finger print scanners available. However, Apple limited its usage by not allowing third party app developers to use this feature. Hence its usage is limited to Apple’s own software i.e. for checking passwords and passcodes. Apple is hoping that this will enable more users to get registered for Apple’s account. But the limitation of fingerprint scanner is once again considered by apple as it records only conductive ‘signature’ instead of saving the whole fingerprint. Another point that as to be considered is one can’t unlock his/her 5S (by using this feature) when he/she is wearing gloves and have to use old password system to unlock.

iPhone 5s problems and bugs

When compared with the android phones, the screen size of iPhone 5S is still less and if anyone puts 5S next to mammoth sized android phones it looks tiny and small. Though the display is clear and sharp, the ppi ratio is less compared to the several android and windows phones available in the market.

iPhone 5S is the first phone to use 64 bit architecture; Apple sensibly integrated this architecture making it backward compatible i.e. all the apps that are made for 32 bit architecture are compatible with 5S. Some technology geeks argue that it is better to improve RAM and cache instead of architecture to improve performance. Anyways, only time will tell whether the new architecture of Apple has paid well off or not.

Most of the windows and android pones are compatible to NFC (Near Field Communication). Apple totally omitted this feature and instead created a new feature in 5S known as Air-Drop. Air-Drop uses Wi-Fi to communicate with Mac OS X gadgets like Mac-Books and it is similar to NFC. There are several devices like speakers, headphones which work with NFC. All these devices are not compatible to 5S but the good news is that one can use Bluetooth to connect to those devices, if devices are Bluetooth compatible.

The camera is not as advanced as expected, Companies like Nokia are launching phones with 41MP camera whereas Apple is still using 8MP camera with f 2.2 aperture (f 1.9 is also available in Nokia). Though quality of the photos is improved as compared to iPhone 5, but Nokia’s Lumia series is definitely offers better cameras.

All these are simple problems and the biggest problem is scarcity of 5S pieces. Hope Apple will resolve this soon and more 5S pieces are available within a day or two.

Have you come across any problem or bug with iPhone 5S? Post it in the comments below, we’ll provide the possible solutions.

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