Oukitel A28 Bluetooth smart gear watch sale starting today

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August 26, 2015 News No comments

If you are looking for a brand new smart watch for your iOS or Android device you should try Oukitel A28. A28 is a brand new Bluetooth smartwatch which is launched by Oukitel. Get the best out of your smartphone and add more functionality to your daily life by using Oukitel A28 Bluetooth smart watch. If you are health conscious then you need to try this smartwatch as it comes with a lot of amazing health features.

Oukitel A28 Bluetooth smart watch

The smartwatch will monitor the sleep quality which will help you in monitoring your sleeping habits and will in turn help you in staying healthy. If you are working for long hours in your office the smart watch will remind you to take a break from your work and do some stretching and exercises. Along with all these features you get heart rate monitor and a sport tracker which will track your daily workouts.

The smartwatch is Bluetooth compatible and you can connect it with both iOS and Android devices. The 1.54-inch display of the smartwatch is HD IPS display which comes with no air gap and deliver great viewing experience. You get the same monitoring sensors like of iWatch in this smartwatch. Using these sensors you will be able to monitor your heart rate. When you are doing exercise then also you can monitor the heart rate which will help you in deciding how much workouts you need to do.

Not only this smartwatch is ideal for people who workout but also can be used for regular users. You can sync the contacts, SMS and also dial to your friends directly from the smartwatch. Pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitoring are the three best features which you will get under the health section of this smart watch. Like other smart watches you get information push in Oukitel A28. Information Push is really a great feature as you will get all the notifications from social media apps you are using on your Android or iOS device. With this feature you will get Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus notifications.

There are many sensors which you will get with this smartwatch. One of the sensors which you will find in this smartwatch is the raise up hand sensor. With this sensor feature, simply raise your hand up and the screen of your smartwatch will automatically light up.

Oukitel A28 is available in two colors. You can buy the smartwatch in golden color or the silver one. If you liked this smartwatch you can buy it only for $9.99 under the promotion scheme at GearBest.com. The promotion scheme will last for August 27, 29, 31 to September 2.

If you are lucky enough you can buy the first smartwatch only for $9.99. Make sure you have opened the checkout page on 12:00 GMT as the sale will begin at 12:00 GMT. The next 20 watches will be available for sale from 12:05 GMT and next 20 watches can be purchased for $39.99. The regular price of the smartwatch is $56.99 which we think is fair price.

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