Pros And Cons Of Android

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October 21, 2013 Mobile Phones 1 Comment

When we invest an amount in buying a gadget, it is a wise advise to check its advantages and disadvantages by its present users reviews and feedback, through that we can measure its performance and its worth. This wise act will save our time and money for future. We should not merely go for its merits alone, for its demerits may in the long run over take its merits and cause more disadvantages to its users.

Most of the smartphones sold today, are based on Android OS. The reason for its popularity is its features and being easy to use. This Linux based platform, Android’s possibilities are endless, as they are coming with new technology for up gradation, keeping in mind the user’ needs.

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Pros and cons of Android

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Android OS below:


  1. Android is an open source, and it is free for improvement.
  2. It is Google’s, the search engine leader which provides many applications and games free for Android users.
  3. 24/7 internet facility. You can have an access to wifi, wherever you go.
  4. You have an option for changing the battery as required.
  5. You can open multipage or multi windows in android.
  6. It is user-friendly and easy to access with numerous tools.
  7.  Endless games and entertainment apps for free and paid.
  8. Android is for pure entertainment and it keep the user alive with updates and many information freely.
  9.  Its USB availability is great compare to its competitors.
  10.  This operating system has a high compatibility that can go with any application.
  11. Unlike iOS of apple, Android is acceptable to many vendors, like HTC, Samsung, Sony etc
  12. Its ROM facility makes it popular among its competitors.
  13. It supports all the cloud services of Google, the largely used services in the internet. It is certainly the greatest advantage.
  14. It easily gets you the information of new SMS, emails, RSS, etc. Notifications are easy to access with the Notification tray on the top
  15. You can download many applications from android market as free and instantly can use them.
  16. Google keep releasing new versions of Android regularly with new features.
  17. Thousands of developers keep developing millions of free and paid apps, so users always have the option to download new apps and never get bored with their device.


  1. The major complaints come with its battery life which drains out easily.
  2. Without wifi or internet, you can’t access many features of it. You should have a wifi connection at home or at least GPRS through your mobile company.
  3. As it offers many free applications, there are unavoidable advertisements, which make the users tired by making their time wasted.
  4. There are chances of getting malwares or viruses which can affect your device when accessing the free applications like games and entertainments.
  5. In the time of opening multi windows, or installing many applications, the system may go slow and take time.

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Android has the biggest share in the smartphone market. And it has become possible because of its features and pros we have discussed above. While there are some cons too, but most of these depend on your phone or how tech savvy you are. A tech savvy user can easily avoid these problems and use his/her Android device more efficiently.

Feel free to share your list of Android pros and cons (problems) in the comments below.

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