Pros and Cons of LED TV

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November 18, 2013 Electronics No comments

LED TV is most advanced technology which is affordable to all users. Even the LCD TVs that are coming now a day’s are equipped with LED backlight instead of a fluorescent one. This is due to the fact that LED backlit TVs produce more accurate colors with better color contrast. There are several advantages with LED TVs when compared with the traditional TVs. Here is the list of pros and cons of LED TV:

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pros and cons of led tv


  • The viewing angle of LED TV is improved a lot when compared to LCD TV You can view LED TV from more than 75 degrees with no degradation of contrast.
  • LED TVs can give you the rich Plasma TV like experience which costs many folds and the contrast levels of plasma are just slightly better than LED TV
  • LED TVs are better than LCD and traditional bulbs when compared in brightness.
  • Research’s proved that the life span of the LED TVs are more when compared with other TV designs like CRT, LCD, Plasma etc.
  • The consistency of color is better in LED TVs than LCD or CRT TVs.
  • LED TVs are more efficient than LCD and CRT TVs and environment friendly. On an average it uses less than 50% of power than traditional TV and 30% less than the LCD TV
  • The price of LED TVs is slightly higher than LCD and CRT TVs and they are 100% value to your money.
  • With the usage of LED technology the designers have the flexibility to create slimmer and less weight designs which is must in the present era of technology.


  • LED with local dimming technology requires extra corrections to get the quality picture. When compared with the plasma TVs the pictures in LED TVs are more flatter and less film like.
  • The picture may seem to lose some contrast and color when viewing form off-axis angles.
  • The moving objects appear (i.e. video motion quality) is considered to be good in case of LED TVs whereas it is excellent in plasma TVs.
  • LED TVs are not suitable for outdoor viewing. Though companies are boasting of anti-glare technology,the picture look less crisp and more color saturated in day light.
  • LED TVs are usually of small size (i.e. in the range of 19″-50″ inch) and for bigger TVs electronic manufacture companies are preferring 3D or Plasma technologies.


Finally, if you are looking for thinner and slimmer TV, which is more energy efficient and most of your use is limited to indoor then LED TVs are the perfect choice. They are of proven technology and affordable to everyone. So, if you are planning to buy a new TV then you must consider and view at least some LED TVs before setting up your priority list. Buying an LED TV will also fulfill the primary reasons that are considered while buying a TV like best and most advanced TV technology, future proof, long durability, less maintenance, low power consumption etc.

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