Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Vs Note 2

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Samsung is truly a trend setter for the next generation android based smart phones. It has launched phones with such technology and features which have conquered the market and let the rivals follow it to be a part of the league.

The Samsung launched lots of phones under the Galaxy series, which were quite a popular entity in the market and a key part of company’s success. They have such exquisite features and technology so that it’s always been a dilemma for the customers to decide which is best to purchase.

Well, here below is a brief comparison between the Galaxy Grand 2 and Galaxy Note II, if you’re planning to buy one of them, then it could be beneficial for to decide.

Samsung note 2 vs galaxy grand 2

Display and Design

Samsung has almost same exterior designs for all of its phones; following Apple I guess! The story is same with these two also, though, the screen size of Galaxy Note II is 5.5 inches with AMOLED screen and for Galaxy Grand 2 it is 5.2 inches with TFT screen.

Grand 2 is better in this section as despite having the same resolution of 720*1280 pixels, the 280 PPI takes the lead after 265 PPI of Note II and of course the TFT screen is much better if we talk about user experience against AMOLED screen.

Camera and Technology

Both the Galaxy phones come with 8 MP of main camera and 1.9 MP of rear camera and capture the video at the speed of 1080p@30fps rate. The only difference between them is of features as Note II has burst mode, panorama, autofocus and LED in it and Grand 2 has only auto focus and LED. Note II is surely ahead in the race here.

Note II offers really fast and smooth performance with Quad Core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 processor supported by 2 GB RAM. On the contrary, Grand 2 is powered with Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor with 1.5 GB RAM. Note II is leading by 2-1 in the race!

Memory and Battery

The Note II has an internal memory of 16 GB where as Grand 2 has 8 GB of it. Both the phones have a MicroSD slot to expend the memory up to 64 GB. Well, the beginning was better for Note II but, in the end, both are at the same point. Still, the little priority is with Note II because of more internal memory.

The battery which is the key factor for the smart phones to decide the future of the phone is almost same in both these phones. The 3100 mAh battery is sufficient to provide around 15 hours of talk time with the average of 12 hours. While in Grand 2 the battery is of 2600 mAh but, provides 17 hours of talk time with same average; because of less features and low processor I guess!

But this time the ball is on the Grand 2 sides. Score 2-all.

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Although, the Note II’s launching price was around 670 US $ but, today it is available for around 450 USD. The Grand 2 costs around 400 US $.

So, as technically the overall score is 2-all but, the Galaxy Note II is I guess a little better in terms of camera and processor along with display size which are the most important. Although Note II is year old phone, but it still stands better than Grand 2 in terms of processing and features. So, we would recommend Note 2 over Grand 2, but you should go to the store and get your hands on both the phones and buy the one which you liked most. After all, in the end, it’s you, who has to make the decision.

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