How to take screenshot on Nexus 9

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January 7, 2015 ScreenShot No comments

How many of you like to buy tablets? I believe tablets are fun, and that’s why the customers graph of tablets have been following up curve for past some time. Out of all tablets that have hit the market so far, one by HTC, the HTC Nexus 9 is just incredible. If you are proud owner of it, then this post is meant for you. Here, I am going to teach you the best ways that you follow to take screenshot on your Nexus 9.

taking screenshot on nexus 9

Taking screenshots on Nexus 9

Physical Key Method

Let’s start with the simplest things, and put the most common method first- the Physical Key Method. Just like the name goes, the method involves use of Physical Keys only. You don’t need to use any app at all. Below are few simple steps that you need to follow in this method to take screenshot on Nexus 9.

  • Firstly, go to the intended screen. It could be like any app, any game, or anything that you wish to take screenshot of.
  • While on intended screen, press and hold two buttons : VOLUME DOWN and POWER. Keep them hold till you hear the sound of regular camera capture. The screen will blink as well.
  • The Notification Panel contains the preview of just-clicked screenshot. You can open it with single tap, and then can edit with in-built photo editing tools, or any other software of your choice.
  • The captured screenshot lies in Gallery app under the Screenshot folder. You can access any screenshot from here, anytime.

That’s all done. You have successfully learnt the way to take screenshot on Nexus 9.

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Use Apps to Take Screenshot

In Android, for almost every task, there are apps available in Google Play. Since here we are talking about task that we may need too perform quite often, so nothing surprising, there are many apps meant for it. Just head over to Google Play and search for such apps. Read the features the apps offer, read reviews and decide which app is meant for you. One good app to name here is ‘Screenshot’. It’s available for free and is quite easy to use. Go for it right away; or for any app of your choice.

Although there is nothing to create dilemma in your mind, but still, if you need help, do use the below comment section.


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