How to take screenshots on Huawei phones

Huawei Ascend is a moderately old smart phone which comes with Android OS.  The simple way to take screen shot in it is using the general android method of screen shot capture. You can press power button and volume down key simultaneously which will result in a screenshot and the screen shot will automatically gets saved to your pictures folder (you can even listen to the camera shutter sound while doing this).

Taking screenshot on Huawei phones with Android 4.0 or above

  • Go to the screen which you want to capture. It could be any app or menu.
  • Hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time. Do NOT release them until you hear a camera shutter sound and see a notification on the screen confirming screenshot has been captured.
  • Done! You can find the screenshot in the gallery.

Using apps to take screenshot

There are several screen shot apps available for free in the Google play store (android app store) which can severe the purpose. Several apps like “Screen shot it”, “A Screen shot” etc are quite popular and will enable your phone to take screen shots at any instant. Though most of the times these apps produce accurate results, sometimes you will see more saturated colors or green or pink tint along the shot (This is observed only in Huawei phones). It can be solved by installing “Screen Shot ER” which produces excellent screenshots irrespective of the manufacturer of the phone.
In some cases, for the working of these apps and to get proper screen shots rooting is necessary (rarest of the rare cases). For this, Download the HiSuite (you can get it from Huawei website for free) and install the drivers required. Enable the USB debugging and navigate to your mobile phone and root your device.

HUAWEI Ascend mobile screen shot

There is another app if your screen shot needs are restricted to only web pages. Go to Google play store and download and install dolphin browser and screen cut add on for it (both are free). This will enable you to take any website screenshot with in the dolphin browser.

Taking screenshot by connecting with your PC

There is another way to take screen shots from any phone directly to your computer. Though this process is somewhat complex, it produces effective and quality results and can be used for any android phone. It is recommend for those who can’t take screenshot directly on their phone.

Download and install Android SDK and java SDK softwares to your system or laptop. In your Huawei smart phone settings; tap on “Applications” and then on “Development”.  Make sure that the “USB debugging” box is checked. Now connect your smart phone to the system via USB and install the required drives when prompted. Now install the Google API’s to your system via android SDK. Once you installed all the packages, open DDMS.bat from Google SDK folder. This will start Dalvik Debug Monitor and you can see a DOS window opening and closing automatically. Your phone is listed in the left hand side of the SDK Manager (if not refresh it) and one must select it to get this work done.  Now click on the Device Menu and select “Screen shot” or “Screen capture”. You can even use shortcut Ctrl+S to do this. Now the screen capture will appear and you copied it. You have to open any image editor in your system and make sure you copied it there and saved it in the desired location. Though this seems to be complex, it will give you a broad idea about your phone’s processes and you can easily take screen shots of your phone directly to your system. In this process you can go to any page of your phone and take screenshots.

Finally, of all the above ways the best way is to take screenshot directly on your phone, but Android OS version of your phone must be 4.0 or above to perform that. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the other methods. If you are still having any problems in taking screenshot on your Huawei phone or tablet, comment below. Please share if you found this post useful.

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