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The android is living to the expectation of the ¾th of all the smartphones users around the globe. The reason behind this is the app and features of android. The android has millions of app under each niche like entertainment, gaming, health, news and much more.

The gaming has been very famous among the people of each age group. The gaming niche in android has a variety of genres like war, fight, racing, stunt, puzzle, mystery and many more.

One the most like genre is ‘tower defense’ in the android gaming niche which has been played by the android users consistently for a long time now.

There are many tower defense games out in the market which are keeping the users busy with their stunning graphic, ease of play and entertainment factor. Here below is some best tower defense games which can simply keep you stuck on your couch for hours.

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best tower defense games android

Cartoon Wars 2

The Cartoon Wars 2 has been the most addictive and played tower defense game. It has the basic concept of tower defense game which involves some cartoons in it to make the game laughing as well.

All you need to do is just build up your cartoon army and save your cartoon fort from the outside attack. You can update your favorite characters in this game which are available and use them as the lethal weapon to save your virtual kingdom.

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Samurai Vs Zombies Defense 2

Have you ever thought to become a fully skilled Samurai? Well, this game will give you a chance to become one and save your village from the attack of zombies with your skills and power.

As long as you’ll get ahead in the game, more powerful and skillful you’ll become to stop the nightmare of zombies who just want to destroy your lovely village.

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Lair Defense: Dungeon

This game is all about to stop the greedy needs of humans who are killing the dragons to get their eggs for eating which make the live forever.

You need to take a stand for the dragons and need to stop the humans using the dragons with the power of ice, fire, poison and more.

Don’t you think this could make you one the ‘how to train your dragon’ movie kid? Well, I guess yes!

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Babel Rising 3D

What if you become the ‘GOD’? If you want to be then this tower defense game could give you a chance in the virtual world. Being, the Almighty, you need to restrict the egoistic people of Babylon using your powers like lighting, earthquakes, meteors floods and more from building the famous Babel Tower.

I personally love this game as I feel the most powerful person on earth, though, in virtual world, but, still give me the feel of ruling the world.

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Tower Defense

The game has the name of the same genre as obvious is a basic tower defense game for the users.

The baseline of this game is, when the earth becomes unlivable and humans have to move to the different planets of the galaxy and in the process aliens strike the humans because of the invasion they have made.

At that time you need to take the stand on behalf of humans and have to fight with your army against the aliens to survive on the alien planet and protecting the human species. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

Get Here – Tower Defense

Wrap Up

The gaming has been the most interesting part of the smartphones and users love playing games of each genre for long hours on their android phones.

The above games are such interesting that have lived in the promise and entertained the android users while providing them the feel of real war heroes, samurai, leaders, kings and almighty God as well.

I bet you if you’re a true tower defense game lover, the above games will surely quench your thrust of gaming up to the utmost level. Besides, if you think there are many more games under this genre which are more interesting, then the above listed games then please let us know them in the comment section below.

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