ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone

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September 20, 2015 Mobile Phones No comments

Smartwatch phones are the best alternatives to smart phones. A lot of smart watches are available which you can use as an alternative for your Android or iOS smartphone. ZGPAX S79 is a Bluetooth smartwatch phone which you can use in order to make and receive phone calls and even send text messages. The smartwatch phone has an in-built dialer which will help you in easily dialing the contact or sending messages.

If you want to get all the messages, phone calls on the smart watch you can connect it with your Android or iOS device. The smartwatch phone uses Bluetooth connectivity to create a connection between the phone and the smartwatch phone. Once you have created a connection you are ready to get all the calls which you receive on your android device directly on the smartwatch phone. Messaging is also easy with S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone. There is a phone book present in the S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone which you can use not only to call your friends, family members but also to send messages. The inbuilt speaker allows you to answer all the calls directly using the smartwatch phone.

ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone

You can synchronize all the data which is present in your smartphone with the S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone. The smartwatch phone allows you to sync things like phone book, the messages which are stored on your Android device, call log and the music. If you want to listen to your favorite music you have to take your mobile phone out. Simply open the music app and listen to all you favorite songs using S70 Bluetooth smartwatch phone.

S79 Bluetooth smartwatch is not even bulky. The smartwatch phone comes with a 1.54-inch display. The display is a touchscreen display which brings easy interface. There is no need to buy any band for using for monitoring your health status as this smartwatch phone comes with a lot of amazing health features. Sleep monitor, sedentary reminder and pedometer are some of the amazing health features which are offered by this Bluetooth smartwatch. This will help you in saving the money you were planning to spend on buying the new fitness band.

Stainless steel material is used in building this smartwatch phone which provides a great design to the smartwatch phone and makes it durable. High quality rubber material is used which is suitable for all the skin types.

You can connect S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone with any iOS or Android device. Pair the device using Bluetooth and you are ready to use the smartwatch phone with the smartphone. The smartwatch phone can also be used as a camera controller of your smartphone. You will be able to capture photos, record the videos on your smartphone using this smartwatch. It will act like a controller.

S79 Bluetooth smartwatch phone is available in six colors which are blue, black, pink, golden, chocolate and titanium grey. You can buy this smartwatch phone for $25.75 from Gearbest.

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