How To Take Screenshot On Nokia Lumia 822

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Nokia Lumia 822 is a smart phone released by Nokia in November 2012 and it is available in four standard colors i.e. White, Black, Red and Grey. The design of this phone looks similar to Samsung Galaxy S3 and the thickness is quite high when compared with the other phones available in the market. The hardware features of the phone includes 4.3 inch AMOLED touch screen (protected by Gorilla Glass and have 480*800 resolution), 8MP Carl-Zeiss camera (dual-LED flash), dual-core 1.5 GHz supported by Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset,  Li-Ion 1800mAh removable battery etc. The phone comes with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS and you can easily upgrade this OS to WP8 Amber. Windows mobile OS is unfamiliar to many and so many issues like using OS, app store, taking screenshots etc. come into picture before choosing Windows mobile. Let see each of them one by one starting from screenshots. There are three ways to stake screenshots in Lumia 822 similar to other Windows 8 mobiles.

Nokia Lumia 822

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The first method is quite simple and any one with less mobile knowledge also can easily do it.

  • First select the screen you want to capture.
  • Press two buttons, Start button and Power button simultaneously.
  • Start button is present in the bottom-middle of your phone (button with windows logo) and the power button is on the right side of your phone, just below the volume buttons.
  • If you are facing any difficulty in pressing two buttons simultaneously, you can press power button first and start button immediately after that.
  • A nice animation can be seen and you can also hear camera clicking sound.
  • This will ensure that you had captured the screenshot.
  • Go to Photos > Albums > Screenshots to see the automatically saved screenshot.

The second method uses the apps that are developed to take screenshots. Screenshot apps that are present in windows app store like “Screenshot Mobile”, “Windows Phone Mango screenshot tool”, “Screen Capture” etc. are very helpful in taking screenshots. Most of these apps have positive reviews and also they are in the top position in number of downloads list. Some of the screenshot apps come with advanced features like social network integration, post capture editing, writing notes on images etc. It is always a better choice to install one screenshot taking app on your mobile and use it according to your needs. This method is somewhat tricky as it requires opening of screenshot app whenever you want to take screenshots.

The third method is use of PC which is equipped with Nokia PC Suite. Connect your Phone to the PC via USB and open PC Suite program. Select your phone in the software and navigate it with the help of software. Select the screen you want to capture and using the tools that are present on your phone like snipping tool, print screen etc take the screenshot of your mobile from the PC suite software. Remember to save the captured screenshot and if you want to have this screenshot on your mobile also, make sure you copied it to mobile data from computer.

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