How to take screenshot on Sony Xperia T3

Android devices do come with plenty of amazing features which help them take over the popularity bar of smartphones running any other OS. Out of all features that Google’s Android offers, the one I like the most, and use quite often, is taking screenshot. You can take screenshot on your Android device pretty easily. In case you are hardcore gamer, or are chatting addict, you must have thought about taking screenshot for once at the very least. While the method of taking screenshot is same for almost all Android devices, but still, depending on the customization done by the maker, the method may vary from one brand to another.

In this particular post, I’m writing the best ways to take screenshot on Sony Xperia T3. Those who don’t know, Xperia T3 is recently launched smartphone that comes with incredible software and hardware part. So, if you have it, or are planning to have it, this post is must read for you.

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How to screenshot Xperia T3

Physical Key Method

The physical key method is the best one to take screenshot on Sony Xperia T3 smartphone. Do follow the below provided steps.

  • First of all, close all the tasks so that they don’t create any undesired issue in your screenshot task.
  • Now, go to the screen of which you want to take the screenshot.
  • While on the desired screen, press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. Make sure you press both buttons together or this won’t work.
  • Keep both buttons pressed for 2-3 seconds and you will hear the general camera capture sound. This sound makes sure that the screenshot has been captured successfully.
  • Just go to your Xperia T3’s gallery to find out the just captured screenshot.

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Apps to Take Screenshot

The hard-working developers have not left this part empty as well. There are many apps that let you take screenshot on your Android device. You can use the best ones of them on your Sony Xperia T3 device so as to take screenshot on it. Here are names of few such incredible apps.

Screenshot Ultimate

With 4 star rating in Google Play, and millions of users, this app is surely heart-winning one. It allows you to take screenshot on your esteemed Android device with single tap. You can crop the taken screenshot, can customize it with tools that you get in this app. This app comes with over 16 capture methods. Choose the one that you like the most. So, if you want more than just taking screenshot on your Sony Xperia T3 smartphone, then go with this app. Forget to mention that it’s totally free.


If you believe the ideology of ‘Keep it simple, silly!’, then Screenshot is the app meant for you. Just take the screenshot, crop it if you want, edit it if you want, and then save it. Simple, pretty straightforward! The simplicity of this app has won hearts of many. It surely deserves a try from you, no?

So, these were the best methods to take screenshot on Sony Xperia T3 smartphone. Do try them out right away.

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